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About Us serves customers in the aerospace, maritime, and defense industries by providing an extensive online parts catalog with over 18 million parts numbers from our custom built proprietary software. We stop, collaborate and listen, and continually bring innovative software technologies to meet our customers' requirements, and exceed those expectations with evolving technologies.

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Recently Updated

Last updated: 07/22/2024 03:52pm EST

Products and NSNs with new and updated information. View All »

NSN 6150-00-005-1715 Cable Assembly 07/22/24 03:52pm

Stranded all conductors Guidance unit guided missile Connector plug both ends all conductors

NSN 5985-00-005-1731 Assembly 07/22/24 02:55pm

material aluminum alloy single tubing segment and flange

NSN 1325-00-005-1724 Cone Assembly 07/22/24 02:22pm

Removable protects aircraft bomb tubes f/suu-7c-a suu-10b-a dispensers cbu-2c-a cbu-3a-a cbu-46-a dispenser and bomb aircraft

1420-00-005-1717 Fwd Shroud Structure 07/22/24 01:55pm

21.053 in. dia 29.72 in. h Guidance unit guided missile

1420-00-005-1714 Rocket Motor-fwd Shro Aircraft Shield 07/22/24 01:26pm

Material foil nickel 200 per 71a45558p1 0.015 in. thickness Guidance unit guided missile

NSN 1630-00-005-1707 Wheel Parts Kit 07/22/24 12:28pm

Used to overhaul a aircraft wheel components bolt 12 felt 1 grommet 1 nut 12 plate 2 ring retaining 2 washer countersink 12 washer plain 12 Wheel landing gear

5998-00-005-1702 Circuit Card Assembly 07/22/24 11:59am

Electrical and electronic properties measuring and testing instrument

6760-00-005-1706 Light Lock Insert 07/22/24 11:00am

Aluminum alloy 6063-t5 5.12 in. o/a length 0.937 in. o/a width 0.312 in. thickness four holes drilled and tapped size 4-40 unc-2b black conductive nylon coating 0.015 in. thickness

1420-00-005-1711 Guided Missile Comp Access Cover 07/22/24 09:58am

Guidance unit guided missile hardened design analysis

6625-00-005-1696 Probe Holder 07/22/24 08:56am

length 0.618" height 0.183" width 0.57" aluminum alloy material

8145-00-005-1682 Shipping And Storage Container 07/22/24 07:56am

height 76 width 48 steel material perpendicular mounting surface plane

NSN 5998-00-005-1681 Extender Card 07/22/24 06:57am

length 10.06 height 0.375 width 7.18 non-automativ avionics test equipment

Stock Quantity Updates

Updated stock quantities of NSNs. Last updated: 07/18/2024 01:04pm view all »

NSN 6145-01-202-6973
Electrical Power Cable
Availability: 163
NSN 6015-01-422-6503
Fiber Optic Cable
Availability: 208
NSN 5360-00-079-9411
Compression Helical Spring
Availability: 324
NSN 6145-01-202-3513
Electrical Power Cable
Availability: 4
NSN 6145-01-202-2790
Electrical Power Cable
Availability: 376
NSN 6145-01-202-3501
Electrical Power Cable
Availability: 81
NSN 6145-01-202-3515
Electrical Power Cable
Availability: 10
NSN 9390-00-171-4980
Cork And Rubber Sheet
Availability: 287
NSN 5310-00-050-6646
Hexagon Self-locking Nut
Availability: 28598
NSN 4020-00-003-6293
Fibrous Rope
Availability: 116
NSN 9150-00-754-0063
Rifle Grease
Availability: 140
NSN 4730-00-142-5207
Inflating Air Chuck
Availability: 141

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