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About Us serves customers in the aerospace, maritime, and defense industries by providing an extensive online parts catalog with over 18 million parts numbers from our custom built proprietary software. We stop, collaborate and listen, and continually bring innovative software technologies to meet our customers' requirements, and exceed those expectations with evolving technologies.

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Recently Updated

Last updated: 05/29/2023 06:49pm EST

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NSN 5999-00-006-5756 Electrical Contact 05/29/23 06:49pm

current rating in amps 22 pin accommodation length 0.203

NSN 5999-00-006-5755 Electrical Contact 05/29/23 04:29pm

current rating in amps 22 pin accommodation length 0.203

5905-00-006-5573 Film Fixed Resistor 05/29/23 01:49pm

body length: 0.375 temperature coefficient of resistance in ppm per degree celsius: -50 to 50

5120-00-006-5865 Jackscrew 05/29/23 10:49am

jackscrew nsn 5120000065865.

NSN 5905-00-006-5570 Film Fixed Resistor 05/29/23 10:09am

temperature coefficient of resistance in ppm per degree celsius: -200/+200 terminal length: 1.25

NSN 5999-00-006-5757 Electrical Contact 05/29/23 07:40am

constantan body material current rating in amps 22

5120-00-006-5862 Ring 05/29/23 05:00am

ring nsn 5120000065862.

NSN 3110-00-006-6596 Bearing 05/28/23 06:50pm

bearing nsn 3110000066596.

NSN 5330-00-006-6520 Horizontal Stabilizer Seal 05/28/23 04:39pm

horizontal stabilizer seal is made of silicone rubber and has a length of 14.53 inches.

NSN 5330-00-006-6519 Horizontal Stabilizer Seal 05/28/23 01:02pm

horizontal stabilizer seal is made of fiberglass and has a length of 6.38 inches.

NSN 5330-00-006-6636 Preformed Packing 05/28/23 08:30am

hardness rating 70 shore durometer a minimum and 80 shore durometer a maximum peripheral diameter 4.375

NSN 3110-00-006-6633 Annular Ball Bearing 05/28/23 05:18am

steel material bore diameter 0.25

Stock Quantity Updates

Updated stock quantities of NSNs. Last updated: 05/27/2023 12:50pm view all »

NSN 5310-00-208-4694
Clinch Plain Nut
Availability: 361
NSN 2540-01-341-7172
Vehicle Boarding Ladder
Availability: 3
NSN 6680-01-579-5893
Liquid Quantity Transmitter
Availability: 655
NSN 6145-00-184-5878
Electrical Power Cable
Availability: 278
NSN 5306-00-638-4285
Shear Bolt
Availability: 550
NSN 5315-01-469-8023
Spring Pin
Availability: 154
NSN 2995-01-539-0980
Metallic Particle Detector
Availability: 1
NSN 5945-00-164-9883
Electromagnetic Relay
Availability: 224
NSN 2520-00-692-9242
Vehicular Clutch Disk
Availability: 83
NSN 1680-01-375-5484
Coupling Housing
Availability: 4
NSN 3110-00-144-8669
Annular Ball Bearing
Availability: 17
NSN 6650-01-627-5855
Optical Power Test Set
Availability: 1

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