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About Us serves customers in the aerospace, maritime, and defense industries by providing an extensive online parts catalog with over 18 million parts numbers from our custom built proprietary software. We stop, collaborate and listen, and continually bring innovative software technologies to meet our customers' requirements, and exceed those expectations with evolving technologies.

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Recently Updated

Last updated: 04/20/2024 05:54pm EST

Products and NSNs with new and updated information. View All »

2840-00-005-1394 Igniter Seal 04/20/24 05:54pm

Semicircular shape 0.21 in. to 0.22 in. thickness

4920-00-005-1378 Test Adapter Kit 04/20/24 04:23pm

Aircraft instruments 1.940 l 1.440 in. w 1.190 h Used as a torque tester adapter kit during repairs

1730-00-005-1369 Maintenance Sling 04/20/24 03:26pm

Center wing torque box aircraft

4920-00-005-1371 Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 04/20/24 02:39pm

width 14.75" height 20"

4920-00-005-1454 Fixture Clamp Assembly 04/20/24 01:46pm

Steel, 11 in. lg, 4.25 in. w, 1.17 in. h

2840-00-005-1393 Doubler Strip 04/20/24 12:48pm

Eng j-85 Steel ams 5537 31.95 in. min 32.05 in. max lg 0.43 in. min, 0.5 in. max w, 0.029 in. min 0.035 in. max thk

4920-00-005-1365 Test Adapter 04/20/24 12:14pm

Rod compressor rotor rod compressor rotor clamping 54 in. lg 0.75 in. dia to hold disk and hubs during hydraulic clamping

3940-00-005-1366 Hoisting Adapter 04/20/24 10:54am

length 20" height 6" width 12"

NSN 6625-00-005-1320 Test Set 04/20/24 09:12am

Console assy four interconnecting cables holding fixture for the electronic board assemblies extender board Frequency Rating: 400 hertz Ac Voltage Rating 115 volts

6625-00-005-1258 Receiver Transmitter Test Set 04/20/24 08:15am

End Item Identification Antpb1a radar set nsn 5840-00-495-5604 Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency Test set receiver-transmitter power supply remote

6625-00-005-1259 Electronic Equipment Maintenance Kit 04/20/24 07:14am

Consists of one waveguide dummy load one nut driver set one printed circuit card extender one set allen wrenches one waveguide probe four coaxial attenuators one coaxial adapter one storage case

6625-00-005-1241 Signal Data Recorder 04/20/24 06:21am

length 9.75" height 4" width 4.75" single phase

Stock Quantity Updates

Updated stock quantities of NSNs. Last updated: 04/19/2024 02:25pm view all »

NSN 5975-00-008-1491
Electrical Conduit Adapter
Availability: 2
NSN 5930-00-854-6823
Sensitive Switch
Availability: 10
NSN 1730-00-670-9359
Tilt Cylinder Assembly
Availability: 6
NSN 2520-00-678-8382
Sprocket Wheel
Availability: 24
NSN 5930-00-469-9429
Sensitive Switch
Availability: 4
NSN 5935-00-246-8748
Plug-in Electronic Compon Socket
Availability: 32
NSN 5930-00-985-0183
Sensitive Switch
Availability: 13
NSN 5310-01-619-8255
Flat Washer
Availability: 57
NSN 9535-01-569-2367
Armor Cmpst Panel
Availability: 11
NSN 5930-00-660-5423
Sensitive Switch
Availability: 360
NSN 5325-01-352-5467
Screw Thread Insert
Availability: 6
NSN 6685-00-591-1952
Dial Indicating Pressure Gage
Availability: 1

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