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About Us serves customers in the aerospace, maritime, and defense industries by providing an extensive online parts catalog with over 18 million parts numbers from our custom built proprietary software. We stop, collaborate and listen, and continually bring innovative software technologies to meet our customers' requirements, and exceed those expectations with evolving technologies.

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Recently Updated

Last updated: 10/02/2023 06:53pm EST

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5895-00-005-0305 Translator 10/02/23 06:53pm


5995-00-005-0299 Radio Frequency Cable Assembly 10/02/23 06:03pm

temperature rating -55 - 250 degree celsius stranded single conductor connector plug both ends single conductor

NSN 5998-00-005-0296 Assembly 10/02/23 04:56pm

Special Features Capacitor 1 connector 2 ejector 2 integrated circuit 37 printed wiring board 1 resistor 17 mounting configuration connector mtd fsc application data test set radio

9535-00-005-0959 Metal Strip 10/02/23 03:13pm

length: 6.667 feet, titanium material, annealed heat treatment

NSN 6145-00-005-0942 Cable 10/02/23 01:35pm

Strand Awg Size Per Conductor 30 Conductor Arrangement and Quantity 5 singles Round Conductor Size 12

6145-00-005-0941 Electrical Power Cable 10/02/23 12:41pm

temperature rating -40-75 degree celsius voltage rating 300 rms copper material

9535-00-005-0958 Metal Strip 10/02/23 11:06am

length: 3.333 feet titanium material hot rolled method

NSN 6145-00-005-0938 Cable 10/02/23 09:03am

Strand Awg Size Per Conductor 36 Stranded all conductors Round Conductor Size 16

6145-00-005-0937 Electrical Power Cable 10/02/23 07:24am

temperature rating -40 - 75 degree celsius copper material voltage rating 600 rms

NSN 6145-00-005-0936 Cable 10/02/23 05:57am

Round Conductor Size 12 Strand Awg Size Per Conductor 34 stranded all conductor

6145-00-005-0935 Electrical Power Cable 10/02/23 05:14am

Stranded all conductors Round Conductor Size 16 Strand Awg Size Per Conductor 36

5320-00-005-0950 Solid Rivet 10/01/23 06:24pm

length 0.33-0.34" flat fillister head steel material

Stock Quantity Updates

Updated stock quantities of NSNs. Last updated: 10/02/2023 12:34pm view all »

NSN 5845-00-764-3814
Chassis Assy
Availability: 1
NSN 5320-01-569-3085
Blind Rivet
Availability: 1996
NSN 2915-00-715-8327
Drive Shaft And Wei
Availability: 1
NSN 8120-00-007-1410
Compressed Gas Cylinder Adapter
Availability: 1650
NSN 4920-00-709-1370
Interface Devic Adapter Assembly
Availability: 2
NSN 2840-00-011-0692
Aircraft Gas Turbi Turbine Shaft
Availability: 3
NSN 3040-00-157-1706
Hub Clamp
Availability: 218
NSN 6110-00-940-9783
Elect Thermal-overload Protector
Availability: 144
NSN 5305-00-004-3169
Hexagon Head Cap Screw
Availability: 4
NSN 5310-00-013-1116
Lock Washer
Availability: 10
NSN 1660-01-113-8365
Oxyg Microphone Bracket Assembly
Availability: 2
NSN 4720-00-006-0048
Nonmetallic Tubing
Availability: 229

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